Information System HM2T
(Marco Teubner and Helge Meyer)

Our work reacts to the situation at the space to the time we perform! It is not possible to plan the work totally.
But there is a plan, a direction, we want our work to lead to!
Performance Art is the artform of the present! Performance Art is always authentic!
Our work is always an experience in real time: We translate time into an image!
Here we make human behaviour visible!
The performance actions are always new experiences! They produce a special kind of body-wisdom to us!
So, we do a work, but no art-work in traditional sense of the artmarket!
All our works relate to the triad of action, image and body!
Our goal in Performance Art is to find perfection in clarity!


The performances of System HM2T are mainly about visualizing human behavior. It is not about superlatives, sensations, or entertainment. It is what it is, not a play of mysteries, no metaphorical play and no symbol-laden act. Simple acts with a potential for deep and direct affection. System HM2T considers action as a continuous reaction to a situation. An exploration of basic human activities like ‚drinking' or ,going'. Actions are temporally drawn out, locations lose their function, to be integrated into the System HM2T.
The body of System HM2T is the starting point of a potential gain of experiences and knowledge, centered in clearly defined laboratory conditions. Self-reflection, tied to the results of all physical actions, requires reactions that change accordingly and creates new images. The construction and impact of these images is not schematic. They rather follow given constants required by time, space, and the design of the experiment. Definitions and parameters lose their inherent importance for the outcome, despite their initial strictness. The focus is on the process itself.
System HM2T as a whole is build upon basic individual experiences, nevertheless allowing its parts to act freely and autonomous.
System HM2T strives to gain sure facts that can be stored as body knowledge, inseparable from the body of System HM2T.
System HM2T works by principles of curiosity and exploration.
System HM2T presents no final, closed results, no set play.
System HM2T acts. And it happens in front of the observer.
System HM2T thinks of itself as being a part of an open, superordinate system based on anthropological principles.
System HM2T does not claim uniqueness of the generated images. System HM2T is aware of a possible relatedness to similar events, which is the motivation for further experiments.
System HM2T is an open system. Exchange and communication are welcome; interactions with the environment are unavoidable.

Hildesheim, 1998